Lesson learned.Have fun with the kids!

Hello world!  I haven’t posted in a few day’s because it has been crazy! Since my last post we have had a busy but fun  few days.I have also learned a lot more about patience.  Amazing how much patience young children can teach you if you let them. While my weekend was filled with tantrums and stuffy noses I found plenty of reasons to smile and thank God.

Saturday was fabulous we got to go to my niece Audra’s 7th birthday party.  It was a gymnastics theme and Ferrari loved it! One of the highlights of this though , was when we were in the party room waiting. Ferrari looks at me and asks in her sweetest little voice,”where are we”? I respond by telling her “were in the party room”. She immediately begins to cry saying “but there’s  no potties in here it can’t be the POTTY ROOM”! Poor thing misheard me but boy did I almost die right there laughing.





Was awesome to watch her just run around like crazy and be a kid.  It’s such a good thing for my soul to just watch her have fun and be herself  reminds me of why I wanted children in the first place. I think sometimes  along the way we forget and get to caught up in the day to day madness of Neverending landry and temper tantrums.  In thease moments of watching her just be a kid I am once again reminded of the great quickness in which life goes by. I feel like just yesterday she was born and now she is a very intelligent three and a half year old. Each season of childhood has it’d own difficulties but it also offers its own lessons for us as mothers as well as amazing new things.  Each and everyday our children are growing up (yrs,sad but true ), but they are also becoming smarter  and more aware of the world around them. We are teaching them and they are absorbing. There minds are  so eager to learn it’s incredible. While watching her jump and flip around I realized just how much I want to give her the best life possible. I want to be silly with her and help her learn, play and grow and I want to do all that right along with her . Children have so much to teach  us yet so much to learn.

Sunday started off with a frantic rush to get out the door for church. So yeah, Sunday started off the same as everyother Sunday. Church was amazing nothing soothes my  soul more then a good Sunday service , something about it just makes me feel like I have a new beginning each week.  Afterwards we saw that there was a carnival near us which was awesome! So we decided to have  a little lunch at the park. I stopped at the grocery store and bought turkey, cheese and bread. Why spend a bunch if money of fast food garbage, when you can eat a good Ole sandwich for less?


20160403_142305After our lunch Ferrari and I enjoyed. The midway for around 5 hours!  It was awesome I felt 12 again lol. We rode the swings and slid down one of those huge slides with the potatoe sacks! I could have done the “normal” parent thing and just let her ride by herself and watch from the sidelines.  20160403_141825

But where would the fun be in that! I learned alot from Sunday.  I learned alot more about  patience,  but also about just having a fun time without a worry in the world. We can all be childlike from time to time. It’s not a bad thing in fact I think that life would be better if we spent a little more time being kids  with our little ones and a little less time just being bossy adults.20160403_142316.


Play some games, get dirty, ride a ride.  There only little for such a short time. We’re in control of weather it’s a good childhood or a bad one. Why not make it great. Have.  Great day every one. Make some great memories!



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