Raising monarch Catapillar’s chapter 1

Caterpillar 🐛 house

I have been raising monarchs for a few months now. I would like to take this time to say that I am no means an expert on the subject I am just a normal person trying my best it’s something new. And I wanted to share those experiences with you.  Raising monarch caterpillars is a very rewarding thing and honestly it doesn’t even take much effort there have been weeks that I have forgotten to water the plants and yet the monarchs chop on.  Not to mention that these little fellows are also great to teach kids about science. My four-year-old enjoys helping me not only water the plants but also just check out what they are doing.


So today I learned a lesson with my caterpillars. When our weather gets about 50° the Catapillar’s seem to almost died. I went outside this morning and I could not find any of the three caterpillars that were on the plant when I went to sleep. I immediately began freaking out. I keep a potter two on the porch to keep the Catapillar’s from being eaten by predators such as spiders of lizards. When I went out this morning and they were gone I started to search for them one was on the floor and other two were on the table in different locations. When I pick them up they were ice cold and hardly moving.

Since i  have been studying about oceanography I’ve been learning about endothermic and ectothermic organisms. Ectothermic have trouble regulating their body temperature I’m not sure of caterpillars of this type but thinking of that I grab them and place them in my hand. After about 30 seconds in my hand they started moving around like normal. So I’m starting to think that maybe when the weather gets cool the monarchs just kind of slow down some. I currently have them inside in a little box with holes. In the morning , I am going to release them back into the wild since it is going to be about 70°. I really need to get my garden in order I need to plant my plants but I need to also get some in pots so when the harsh weather comes I can bring them inside to keep the monarchs going. If anyone has any comments or suggestions or even questions about raising monarchs please don’t hesitate to ask me.  I am going to do my best to make blog posts about each and every step of this journey I’m going to be trying different ways of trying to make plants from cuttings, raising the plants are in the colder weather, and also raising caterpillars and butterflies indoors stay tuned 🙂

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